The Animal Kingdom

I've been seeing a lot of deers everywhere. And like, not real ones. Like taxidermied deers. Or cartoon ones. Or deers made of frosting. 
And goats! (Went to a bar called The Surly Goat the other day. Nice spot.)
Hipsterdom seems to be fascinated with the taxidermied past. The real. The bucolic. The just-killed. Which is weird for a bunch of vegetarians (okay, sorry, sometimes vegans.)
What is that? The Do-It-Yourself culture of Hipsterlandia compounded by its #1 love: Retro. The deer fascination takes us from the 21st century to the 19th, back to the times when one had to not only cook one's own food but hunt it and kill it. Our urban backyard gardens are no replacement for a forest-y past; maybe city dwellers yearn for some woods? (And not just woodsi-ness?)
Well, here's the upside: this fetish is more environmentally friendly than its predecessor. After all, if a deer is made of frosting it doesn't have to die before going still...