Where We're From

The Digable Planets are back in style. Why do we miss the 90’s when they were only uh…10 years ago?

Angelenos move to New York to experience where the Diggable Planets are from. To experience the Brooklyn of Biggie Smalls, the late 80’s and early 90’s East Coast rap that preceded the TuPac stuff we grew up on.

Likewise, New Yorkers move to Los Angeles to get away from a continually gentrified metropolis, and experience a groaning, growing city in all of its discomfort, its dirt, and dysfunction.

But what about the places where, to quote the song, kids don’t “be reading Marx” or “dig some sounds coming from a jeep”? Doesn’t it get exhausting to always be on the lookout for the epicenter of cool?

Beyond where we’re from, let’s just be…where we are.