Ramadan Mubarak

The Pentagon might be administering a War on Terror abroad, but here in the District of Columbia, some young residents are administering a different politik.

These aspiring diplomats, International Affairs graduate students, and Arabic-speaking Wisconsinites all know that it's Ramadan right now, and make their respect for it known.

They form their usual 2 am weekend lines in DuPont Cafe, a popular gyro shop in the DuPont circle area, but preface their orders with "Ramadan Mubarak." And instead of saying "thank you" after ordering, these young adults exclaim "Shukran. Shukran!" with fervish nods.

The Syrian shop owner smiles to himself, nods, and responds, "You're welcome."

A couple in the back discusses why everyone's spontaneously trying to speak Arabic . "It's Ramadan, their holy month," a twenty-something man explains to his girlfriend. "During Ramadan, you say 'Ramadan Mubarak', which basically means Happy Ramadan."

"Oh," the girlfriend muses. "Cool!"