Liberate the Libertine

French lush Dominique Strauss-Kahn has abjectly asked the French courts not to “criminalize lust.” Re-branding himself as a "libertine", Strauss-Kahn has gone on the record saying, “I long thought that I could lead my life as I wanted...And that includes free behavior between consenting adults." 

A lot of women think the same way, but they don't get to be called libertines

They're simply called sluts.

The paradigm in which a voracious sexual appetite signals liberation for men and promiscuity for women is framed and named by politics. During this 2012 presidential election cycle, the legislation of the vagina (not if, but how) is one of the key "issues" of both campaigns.

Women don't want the government in their vaginas, but whoever else they have there is their business and theirs alone. Women should be able to say to the US body politik, as DSK did to the French one:

"Nous sommes libertines - liberez-nous!"

Photo art by Favianna Rodriguez: