Grow, Grow Grow

Watching my son grow is a lesson in the cosmos.  

Deep in the cellular structures of his little brain, his little eyes, and little limbs is a vast echo chamber whispering, "Grow, grow, grow." When he was compelled to learn to crawl, his body would wake him from sleep and (much to his chagrin) make him practice balancing. Now, he is compelled to stand, and he whimpers through his fear as he stands on his two chubby feet, holding either a chair or an arm rest or - most often - my two legs.

He lunges for whatever is in front of him, and swirls around to hear where sounds come from. He mimics our sounds, and hungers for new stimulus. Caetano is driven by what we are all driven by: a remarkable energy to grow, be, stand, walk, run, accomplish, drive, thrive. 


He doesn't want to nap, and doesn't want to rest. He wants to get up and learn, progress. 


This is the same arc I try to cultivate with my consulting: empowering communities I'm part of - women, immigrants, lower-income groups - to grow, and thrive. 

Whether it's people or organizations, nothing is ever static. Nothing remains the same. It's just the direction of the universe: the command is, "Grow, grow, grow". 

                                                                       girasoles - sunflowers - 

                                                                       girasoles - sunflowers -