riddled with rhinestones

as per what this poem is about - i live in brooklyn :)

flora and fennel
brusque and rose

wire and rust
charcoal and steel

these were the pairings
on which millions were made

live here! said one.

no, here! said the other.

not there, said one.

over there, said the other.

with us, one said.

with them, they said.

exposed lightbulbs illuminate
the everyday shortcomings:
the coffee was weak
my heel broke
i can't get a signal here

i don't know anyone here
the hipster universe is an art fair in a shopping mall
riddled with Ritalin, espresso
kale chips


these daytime dress-ups of our storefront lives

bagels and buttons

stairways and elevators

phone calls and texts

tweets and beeps

at night, the girls dream of looking within

and seeing
the elephant eye of God
riddled with rhinestones