The Time Is Now

I’ve been getting this feeling these days – that maybe this really is my time. All of these things my independent, quirky self has always loved are now suddenly in fashion - it’s in fashion to be  bohemian. It’s fashionable to be independent. To bike ride, and drink green juice. To wear 70’s hats, and overalls. To appreciate street art. To be multi-kulti. To be nerdy.

It’s even fashionable to have a big booty! (And trust me, that’s never been in style.)

To add to my delirium about finally being part of the zeitgeist, I noticed that the major ‘September issue’ magazines in the subway kiosks featured… women my age on the cover.  

Glossing the racks are Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley. Like me, they are all in their early thirties, and all mothers.

Knightley's cover of Elle (below) reads, "This is 30! It's the new starting line"

In Portuguese, this is called the auge da sua vida – the apex of your life. The top of the peak.

This is the age when Marilyn Monroe took some of her most famous portraits. It’s the age where the rough corners of youthful adolescence have been smoothed over with confident rub of time. Where the sturm und drang have settled, but breasts are still perky. Waists are still small. Hopes are still high. And hair is not yet grey.

It’s the delicious sense that something is distilled – that as a woman, you just get better with time. And that’s a different “look”; a different one entirely.

In the same way that these women might command their closets differently now, they command other areas of their life. They’re parents, and professionals, and still drop-dead gorgeous.  

This really is the view from the top – it’s bright, and it’s beautiful.