On Cleaning

Before I had Caetano, my housecleaning style might be what you'd call "hipster homely." 

Things were generally clean and arranged, but there was a bit of dust. Some unpolished antiques...from the Salvation Army. Vintage frames, lamps.

Lots of color. Not a lot of 409. 

Now, housecleaning has taken on a whole new meaning. Cleaning the house means making sure that there is nothing dirty or dangerous on the floor that he might eat; that the air he breathes is clean, and the tub he baths in is clean.  That his crib is clean, that his clothes are clean. 

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot (how could I have?) - preventing  e. coli from spreading throughout our entire house. 

You know - just a minor point.

So now, I'm getting down with my cleaning self. Here's to the scrubbing bubbles...of a clean conscience.