A Mother's Hug, or Protein

It was just an average Monday, and my son and I were coming home from a long day of work and daycare. We said Hi to our fun doorman Alci, and he started cooing at Caetano and asking him how he was. "Cosa mas bella,"Alci calls him - beautiful thing. 

Alci is Dominican, and always gushes about how he much he loves his mom. But this time it was deeper. I was pleased to listen to him creatively pontificate on a mother's love, but struggled a bit to follow in the beginning.  I was mid-menses, and tired. He said, "When your mother hugs you, it's like hmm! it's like protein."

Like protein? I wonder. So are we  like whey protein, pea protein? Salmon, dairy? What kind of protein are we talking about? 

I then thought about how protein makes you feel - full, balanced. Sustained.


Alci then clarified that in the Dominican Republic, the love of the spirit is seen as a strong power. (Eggs are needed sometimes to abate its power.) The love grandmas give their grandbabies, and mothers give their own babies, is strong indeed. 

"When a mother hugs you," he said poetically, in Spanish, " it fills you up. It nourishes you."

He looked up, deciding what he really wants to say, and nodded, "It's like your soul is coming back to your body." 

I was bowled over. And a bit teary eyed. Mothers - when we're feeling tired, or less than beautiful, or post-partum squishy, or inbetween endless loads of dishes or laundry, just think - that's how our babies think of us!

And feel your own soul coming back to your body. #Bless

Also via  PopSugar

Also via PopSugar