The Beginning of the Middle

When does middle age start? For other generations, it started at maybe 30 or 35. For our generation, maybe closer to 40. 

But I think it starts when you have kids. 

I went to a cancer prevention fundraiser put on by a high school friend of mine last night. He had survived a rare form of lung cancer, at 32. His buddies came out to buy tacos and cake, and give a few bucks to the Lung Cancer Foundation. 

There, I caught up with my old track and field friends. At 33, some were on their second marriage. Their third kid. One armed services veteran started talking about opening his mind to meditation, and quite possibly life beyond monogamy. 

The old trope is that divorce starts at 40. But, like perimenopause, the inklings of it start now. Like salt and pepper beards, the questions of the path not taken start to take a distinctive shape. "There's this book you have to read," he excitedly exclaims.

"It's called Sex at Dawn."