Democra -siii!

It seems that the Yes man has taken over the Americas. Jim Carrey, if he were…Honduran, would be dancing in the streets. Follow the “rule of law” and bring back an ousted President Jose Manuel Zelaya? Yes!

Or, follow the (other) “rule of law” and have the Supreme Court-defended new President Roberto Micheletti stay because the other guy was trying to make himself ruler for life at an hour that the legislature would be too sleepy to notice?

Sure, why not!

After all, aren’t the Americas the place where we can be multiple things at the same time? Socialist Democrats, environmentalist evangelicals. Chinese-Panamanians, Turkish-Americans. Fish-eating vegetarians, Cuban Mormons. Our strength is that we say Yes to each other.

But what’s good personally is not always so good politically…

In Honduras, both sides are making their claims in the name of democracy. In Zelaya’s words, his attempt remain in power longer was done to prevent the de-stabilizing effects that shifts of power so often have on Central American countries. In his opponents’ words, Zelaya’s actions were an attempt to be the very type of dictator that so often robs and indefinitely holds onto power in Central America.

In Nicaragua, President Ortega complains that no one listens to him because he’s leftist, but then again he doesn’t listen to (or more often than not, shuts up) the segments of his citizenry that say things he doesn’t like.

We need to decide if we believe in actually upholding the law, or not. If we actually believe in social dialogue, or not. While we’re at it, we should also decide to close Guantanamo or keep it open; have a hands-on or hands-off approach to market economics…we can’t always just say Yes to everything.

Here in the United States, a very costly Stimulus Bill is being administered to lay the foundation for a new type of economy, but the reigning kingpins of the old economy are still running their hedge funds and eating their Kobe hamburgers in peace. Are we spending to save, or spending so those who spend a lot can uh…still spend?

Looks like both!

After all, this too is a democra -sííí!