Paul Simon

Paul and Julio down by the schoolyard

When all else fails, leave it to Paul Simon. In times like these in which white and Latino worlds so often miss each other - rock vs. reggaeton, praise of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vs. hate of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer - Paul Simon's song "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" reminds us of a different way.

Not that everything was fine in the 60's, but all this song does is describe an easy friendship and sing an occasional shout-out to Rosie, the "queen of Corona." It's nice.

Maybe the modern-day equivalent of this song is Armada Latina, the Cypress Hill and Pitbull re-make of the classic CSNY song "Sweet Judy Blue Eyes." (I majorly heart both. It's hippie and hard-core at the same time. It's like a tofu taco with extra-hot salsa.) But even the name of the song signals a different tone. Instead of "Me and Julio" (plural), its translation is "Latin Army." It's a different sound.