Payment, Please

Except for international policy and governance bodies like the State Department and the Woodrow Wilson Center, no one was really talking about the Sixth Summit of the Americas, which was held this year in Cartagena, Colombia.
Now, after the story broke that the US Secret Service had hired Colombian prostitutes – and just did so almost immediately after landing in Colombia - everyone is talking about Summit of the Americas.
And what are they exactly discussing? The fact that things didn’t go as usual. 
Let’s be real: the story didn’t break because high-level US security officers engaged in this illegal act – it broke because one of the prostitutes didn’t get paid for said illegal act. By logical deduction, if things had happened as usual (if the women had been hired and all been paid) the story would have never leaked, and the great majority of the American public would never known how normal this is.

So, here’s to disruption. The disruptive phone call. Not, “Said officer did something illegal,” but, “Said officer did something illegal, and this time, I’m calling him out on it.”