O Meu (McDonalds) Samba

Don’t get me wrong – I love me some bossa nova. But why does every single food establishment that serves bread and water have to have a lil’ bossa in the background? Do they really think that French fries are not French fries with Bebel Gilberto on repeat? That I won’t eventually realize that I when I leave, I won’t be stepping onto some rooftop villa in Rio de Janeiro but rather onto a dirty sidewalk whose only soundtrack is that of honking horns? I thought Chipotle had faux-Mexican down pat…so why would they deviate from their copyrighted norm?

Cuz Brazil is the diverse, melting pot New World nation that corporate America thinks it wants to be, but isn’t quite. Brazil didn’t have to wait for an Obama to affirm mixed race folks as beautiful and symbolically representative of the nation itself. Brazil’s diversity, unlike America’s, actually is its national songbook.

Brazil is diversity in size 4 jeans, without Cultural Competency trainings. It does effortlessly what America does with much (pained) effort…take pride in its own complexity.

And since corporate America is ¡all-about-diversity!, I guess we’ll be hearing a lot of Brazilian pop in American chain restaurants.