2012 has gotten off to an auspicious start. Folks are saying either the world will end, or Obama will get re-elected. And let's face it: whether he does or doesn't win is, to most people, the equivalent of the entire world either stopping or starting all over again.

But what if the world doesn't end in 2012? What if it's Y2K, all over again? What if all that “happens” isn’t big enough to make headlines but is just a silent, tectonic shift in the world's disposition? (Which is what the Mayan prediction for 2012 actually is.)

That would be a big deal indeed. Maybe 2012 can be the year in which we stop worrying about the larger political picture, and just celebrate ourselves (to the tune of Common’s new song). Maybe we can liberate, and let love. Stop waiting on a social revolution, and raise our interior standard of living. It's the ultimate sense of freedom - loving just because you want to.

GOOD magazine has a great new video series up called "What Do You Love." , which profiles people doing careers and hobbies that they love. My favorite video about this, however, is Roberson Oliveira's video ‘Naldo’. It’s a series of video portraits of his family in São Paolo, Brazil.


Some of my favorite pictures are the ones at the end, with the Rayban sunglasses – hey, if the world is ending (or beginning again), we might as well be wearing Raybans!