L'universite de paris

MOOCs (Massive Open Online...Churches)

Last week, I moved to the Charlottesville, Virginia area, where my fiance and I will be based as I build out my consulting firm, Girasol Consulting, and he does his MBA at the Darden School of Business at UVA. 

This is such an odd cradle of America - its happenings were so historic, but all you hear now are just the calm chirping of crickets and cicadas. It's as if history was silent, and only the bugs remain.

Strolling downtown the other night, I poked my head into the UVA Chapel. It was past eight, so it was quite dark, but inside I saw this curious French plaque. It is from the University of Paris, given to Sergeant James McConnell, a UVA student who voluntarily enlisted in the French army. This French gift is quite noticeable - it's hanging in the central entrance to what is the ecumenical center of the university. 


In the age where much is made of MOOCs (massive open online courses), this international gift made me think of the nature of international education projects, and how they've changed. From a bronze plaque hung in a church to what might be an attractive JPEG on an open digital course page, the message is the same = we recognize you.