Lights! Lights!

We host a great music program called Baby DJ School here at our home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Created by the incredible Natalie Weiss, her class teaches the elementals of music - like beat, and pitch - through her own original, catchy songs. A lot of the songs use repetition (hi, age-appropriate learning strategy!), like asking the babies to clap continuously or say lines like "Pitch! Pitch!"

This morning, Natalie put on a beautiful electric lights show for the babies. It was red and green: high contrast (good for infant eyes!) yet seasonal and fun (good for parents' eyes!). While we weren't necessarily having an electric day - it was gloomy, my mother is still recovering from her cancer treatments, and some New Yorkers wonder if NYC is next ISIS target, after Paris - but when Natalie speckled neon lights all over our white walls, our living room became magical.

Cae was transfixed, and I was surprised. "How easy this is," I thought.

"How easy it is to choose joy." 

It's cold outside, and the world is still in mourning. But Christmas is coming, and it's a happy time. With Natalie's choice to bathe us in red and green, I felt like twirling around the living room, joining Cae in singing, "Lights! Lights!"